“Dancing is about symmetry, and I am not symmetrical. I think everyone has challenges in their lives – some people have more than others. The thing that defines us the most is whether we decide to let those things scare us and prevent us from succeeding, or whether we just move forward and keep going and get through those challenges.” Brylee

Discussion questions for your class:
– Brylee could easily have quit after the car accident, but she didn’t let her disability affect her passion and dreams. What do you talk yourself out of before giving it a go? Are those reasons justified?
– What keeps you going when you are feeling frustrated and discouraged?
– Looking back on your own life, how have some of the challenges you have faced made you stronger?
– Even though Brylee is disabled, this is not how she defines herself – there is a lot more to her than her disability. We often let the world define and label us. Think of a word that you are often defined by. Write down a list of other positive characteristics you have: “I am not just _____, I am _______”.