Muskan Devta

16 year old student of Westlake Girls High School is on a journey to change the world.Yes you heard me right.

Muskan dreams of a planet where everyone is treated equally and is part of the whole community.Muskan1

You may ask why ?

Muskan was born premature at 32 weeks with a lot of medical complications that resulted in right side paralysis. Due to her condition, she had to wear a brace on her foot and glasses for her weak eyes. Growing up as a child, she found it difficult to talk to people and make friend, a period of her life that lasted 6 long years. Since the arrival of her brother, she has regained her confidence, and gone on to do many amazing things.

She was the school journalist for her newsletter, a class captain, and a radio host in Year 8. She wrote her autobiography in Year 9 while in hospital recovering from a corrective surgery. The sold copies raised about $2500 for Starship. In Year 10, she went on to speak at TEDx Auckland 2014, and was the winner of an Attitude Youth Award. In Year 11, she went on to receive a 2015 Youthweek Award for her community service, and spoke at events like Festival For The Future and Tall Poppy 2015. Currently completing NCEA Level 2, Muskan is a busy, but motivated student, who believes in a strong sense of positivity always, and strives for the best through hard work. Her goal is to be an enabler for other youngsters around her, and hopes to reach for the stars.