Steve and Riley Hathaway

Riley and Steve Hathaway are the father and daughter duo who created the series ‘Young Ocean Explorers’. For the last 3 years 15 year old Riley has joined her underwater cameraman dad on exciting adventures with creatures like orca, whales, turtles and she’s even swum with schools of sharks!steve_and_riley

It all started in 2013 after completing a school project on turtles and plastic, which was the inspiration behind Young Ocean Explorers … putting her life on a very different trajectory … she was only 12 when she swam with her first shark!

Their passion is to create stories to inspire kids to love our ocean. In February 2015 they self-published their first book called ‘Young Ocean Explorers – Love Our Ocean’ and in August 2015 gave a copy of the book and DVD to every school in NZ and the Cook Islands. They’ve filmed 20 episodes which have screened on the popular kids TV show “What Now’.

A long-time lover of the ocean, Steve left the trade he’d known for the previous 20 years (running his own construction business), to chase his dream of telling stories about the underwater world he loves.

Since he started filming underwater professionally in 2008, his footage has appeared on BBC, Discovery TV, National Geographic and TVNZ, in numerous award-winning documentaries including the popular and timely documentary ‘Blackfish’.