Speaker announcement – Aaron Jackson

February 8 2017

We are thrilled to announce another of our confirmed speakers, Aaron Jackson.

Aaron has an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and grabbing opportunities with both hands. As the eldest of two children to a single parent home, Aaron Jackson grew up in the little west coast town, Whanganui. After having to bike 22 kilometres to and from school Aaron could not wait to get out and see more of the world, in his late teens he travelled the world, before settling back into our nation’s capital to learn the art of carpentry. By age 25 he had turned his carpentry skills into a million dollar business, but felt there was more to life than just travel and construction. In 2014, an opportunity to better serve his community made itself available, Aaron joined the New Zealand fire service. In his spare time he loved the arts. His good friend Brooke Fraser recruited him as her backing vocalist in her very first ever rock band, he went onto sing in local covers bands before turning his attention to acting. Aaron has appeared along such Hollywood stars as Robert Redford, and Tommy Lee Jones, he recently stared in the latest Disney film ‘Petes Dragon’ and is also recognised as the recent bad guy ‘Hayden Crowhurst’ on Shortland street.