Speaker announcement – Adam Gard’ner and Duane Major

April 12 2017

Adam Gard’ner and Duane Major are the brothers-in-law who initiated the Givealittle campaign last summer to buy a beach and got more than they bargained for!

IT ALL STARTED when these two had some lively Christmas Day banter about a bunch of things on the boil in New Zealand – sport, politics, the property market.  In the middle of the banter was this example of a beautiful piece of earth being sold in the heart of our beloved Abel Tasman National Park.

They started to dream…what if we started a campaign to purchase the land as a gift for everyone to enjoy forever?!  Kinda like …. Merry Christmas New Zealand!!! 🙂

With a strong belief in the power of everyday people and the help of Givealittle and Facebook they thought they might have a realistic chance to permanently take Awaroa Beach off the elite property market for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy.  Well, certainly worth a shot!

So, after the classic “I WILL, IF YOU WILL” conversation, off they went and had the ride of their lives!  They experienced a media ride full of twists and turns and a surge of goodwill amongst NZ’ers coming together in new and cool ways.  They’ve learnt a lot about themselves, what makes us tick as NZ’ers and a story to tell about dreaming big, going out on a limb and experiencing the positive people power of a country behind you.

What started as a dream became a reality.

Adam has been fortunate to work on five continents with people of all ages over the past 25 years as a tennis professional.  For the past 15 years, he has also worked as a coach developer, in China and now with Tennis New Zealand.  Adam’s work in tennis has included working with various charity organisations in New Zealand, the U.S., and in China where he and his wife Lucy and their 3 kids lived for 12 years.  They returned to New Zealand in 2012 to be close to family and the beautiful land of Aotearoa.

Duane is a bit of a community man, with a background in teaching, youthwork and sport.  He obviously loves a bit of banter, but especially when it leads to some expression of vision and values in action.

He works with multiple community groups and dabbles in lots of community enterprises, including the property market.  He loves playing sport and once played in the Rugby World Cup for Canada (long but cool story!).  Duane loves the outdoors and has a keen interest in looking after it, and tramping and kayaking in it – including his beloved Abel Tasman with his wife Ruth and 4 kids.